We are Recruiting!

Interested in working with us? Please see our announce below! We are looking for THREE Graduate students to join our lab! ICEAssistantship_Announcent


Nyle Jonason MS

Nyle Jonason MS- USDA-ARS Research Technician Nyle Jonason is a USDA Agricultural Science Research Technician and recently joined our lab last January. He received his  BA in Agriculture and MS in Entomology. Nyle is a field work wizard and is always up for field work even if it means loosing a couple boots to the …

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Julia H. Bowsher PhD and Giancarlo Lopez-Martinez (GC) PhD

Dr. Julia H. Bowsher-Associate Professor NDSU Dr. Julia Bowsher is an Associate Professor at North Dakota State University and is a crucial part of the Fargo ICE group. Currently, she is the lead scientist on a multi-million dollar NSF grant that combines professors, and USDA scientists across three different states. Julia’s expertise is in evolution …

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Ethan Rose and Claire Campion

Ethan Rose- Undergraduate Researcher Ethan Rose is an undergraduate at Iowa State University, studying community ecology and biogeochemistry. He joined our lab as a Pollination Nation researcher for the annual summer REU program. While in the lab, Ethan was responsible for investigating a potential treatment for American foul brood, a bacterial disease known to be …

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Georgia Starr Davis and Kayla Earls

Georgia Starr Davis- USDA-ARS Technician Georgia is a USDA-ARS Technician who works on bumblebee cold physiology. She is interested in developing a cold storage method for bumblebee queens, so that producers do not have to rear colonies year round. Her dream project would be to combine her three favorite things, coffee, tropical weather, and bumblebees …

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Korie DeBardlabon and Andrew Dosch

Korie DeBardlabon- USDA Pathways Intern. Korie is a undergraduate in Dr. Kendra Greenlee's lab as well as a USDA-ARS Pathways intern. Korie is currently working on the thermal tolerance of Megachile rotundata, the alfalfa leafcutting bee. She wants to understand how heat stress during development stages impacts the physiology and survival of the bee. Korie …

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Mia Park PhD, Micki Palmersheim, and Vincent Aron Oliveras

Dr. Mia Park- Postdoctoral Researcher NDSU Mia Park is a postdoctoral researcher at North Dakota State University and is co-advised by Dr. Julia Bowsher and Dr. Kendra Greenlee. Mia is a pollination ecologist and is currently working on two projects! Her first study determines how pollinator plantings in urban prairie restorations impact pollinators and her …

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